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Free Private Meditation Sessions

Taught as an act of Love



Meditation can provide a welcome break from the stress of daily life to bring you inner peace. Requires no prior experience or fees - sessions are completely free.  All You need to do is to take that first step and call today!

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Private Sessions

Designed For You

We can meet You at a time and location convenient for You  - your workplace, your home, or even a local coffee shop!

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Meditation Technique

A simple technique that only takes a few minutes to learn. Unrelated to any religion, it focuses on a spiritual path.


Yes. No fees. Ever. Why? Because inner peace should be accessible to all and meditation should be taught purely as an act of Love.

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For more information please call or text 07980 444 702 or email using the form below.


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Lancashire, Manchester, Liverpool

07980 444 702


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